Fleet Tracking

Boosting a Business with Smart Fleet Tracking and Field Management Tools

Accurate Track gives you visibility of your fleet vehicles and drivers in the field, in real time, offering greater operational control, lower risk and lower costs. By seeing your driver's real-time location, you can map your routes and make sure the tasks are completed. You can also view real-time traffic, allowing you to find alternative routes so your driver can reach your customers and dispatch faster.

Aside from increasing efficiency, Accurate Track helps manage your fleet security. You can monitor your driver's speeds as well as detect patterns and driving habits that could jeopardize your operation, assets, merchandise and avoid damages to third parties.

Alert Management
One way to manage driver speeds, driving habits and driving hours is through our alerts system. You can set a default speed threshold, downtime and / or disconnect time at which you can receive an email alert and / or text message.

With our alerts feature, you can also alert your drivers when the units are idle for too long or aggressive accelerations. This mechanism of self-control, will allow removing those drivers who are doing something wrong.

Automated Reports
These reports can help you with your payroll and confirm the working hours. Reports can be automatically sent or downloaded from our system at any time. Imagine entering your office in the morning and having in your email the reports that will allow you to make managerial decisions for business improvements.

Reports can inform you when your fleet leaves in the morning at the beginning of the day, and return when they are finished. You can manage your equipment and make sure they are coming out on time.

Accurate Track is a leader in vehicle tracking and mobile workforce management and supports its services with free automatic updates and 24x7 customer support.

Web-based with mobile access
The web-based system is accessible not only through your desktop computer but also through your mobile phones and tablets. Managing your fleet today is vital to most business managers.

Accurate Track offers an easy way to manage your fleet from the palm of your hand by combining state-of-the-art technology with a simple, reliable web-based system. Accurate Track offers powerful and affordable workforce management for any organization of any size. Your team can be as small as a driver or as large as hundreds of drivers, perhaps thousands of members.

Managing them efficiently, safely, and effectively can be a difficult task for anyone.

Why not make it easier?
Accurate Track allows you to monitor the location and status of your fleet vehicles with an easy-to-use web interface, with dynamic maps, data layers, historical reports (mileage, speed, shutdown) and more!


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