Machinery Tracking

Companies that own and operate heavy machinery always face the threat of losing their investment for theft or misuse. Many companies spend time and extra money on maintaining these protected assets inefficiently and often complicated. There is an easier way to keep track of this machinery, saving time and money.

Instead of spending money to secure heavy machinery constantly, companies can have the peace of mind of knowing where their equipment is at all times, securing them with Accurate Track's GPS tracking system. By adding a tracking unit for each piece of equipment, companies can maintain constant visibility of where their assets are.

Business Need:
¿How can you save time and money by adding GPS location to your heavy machinery?
¿Are there other needs besides GPS location that can be applied for the control of your heavy machinery?
¿Does your machinery constantly move from one place to another and needs to be protected?

With Accurate Track, users not only have the option to track their machinery, but also to know what is happening in and around it. Detection of movement, turning the engine on and off, working hours as well as detecting if it is transported without authorization to other works allows to help the equipment operators to protect their assets.

Tracking heavy machinery such as generators, storage units, backhoes, cranes and other valuable assets are important for the safety of a company and its assets.

By using the Geo-fence function on the Accurate Track platform, users can create a defined field in which an asset can not exit without generating an alert message. This will give you the peace of mind of knowing the location and conditions of operation and detecting operations outside the conference or on the weekends.

Service features:

  • Location About Scanned Maps.
  • Vehicle position update every 10 seconds.
  • Remote engine shutdown.
  • Speed ​​control.
  • Scheduled maintenance.
  • Geo-Fences.
  • Alerts on and off the engine.
  • Motion Alerts.
  • Geo-Fences entrance and exit alerts.
  • Alerts for disconnection or battery failure.
  • Alerts of excess speed limit.
  • Work Hours Report.
  • Module of several reports.

You will have a private access monitoring platform that you can access whenever you want. The platform has a mobile version for cell phones, Tablet or any other mobile device with internet access, a motorcycle that can be connected to your vehicles even when outside your residence or office.


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