Personal Tracking

It is a modern and effective satellite system, specially designed for the localization and assistance of people. Accurate Track offers peace of mind and security to parents like never before, effectively answering two fundamental questions in our present day:

Where is my son?
If you have a problem or emergency, how can you tell me?

The size and weight of the GPS device allows you to place it in your child's school bag in your pocket or carry it on your belt like a cell phone. Pressing the S.O.S. button feature the device will send to your pre-set email or cellphone, a message requesting help. Through our system you can check your location in real time and at any time since it is updated every 1 minute.

This service is recommended for children, teenagers, and people with disabilities, senior citizens, and work teams.

Service features:

  • Geographic location on scanned maps
  • Update of the person's position every 1 minute.
  • Geo-Fences.
  • Motion alerts.
  • Geo-Fence input and output alerts
  • Panic (SOS) button for assistance.
  • Allows you to call the device, bi-directional communication.(Optional)

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