Preservation of the environment

Your company is socially responsible!! Most likely you feel the need to collaborate with the reduction of carbon emissions to the environment. But you may think that it is too much for your business to cope with and it is not worth the effort. The fact is that with Accurate Track you have a "green" fleet that helps the environment.

And with fleet tracking, you can easily put greener practices on your site and improve your results, while helping to save the planet.

We do our best to give you an idea of how important it is to have vehicles in your fleet under strict maintenance control and how they can reduce your carbon footprint through:

  • Optimization of routes and dispatch for the most efficient fuel consumption.
  • Make sure your vehicles are operating efficiently through fleet maintenance reports and alerts.
  • Reducing excess speed will reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions.
  • Reduction of the kilometers driven by the shipment of the vehicle closest to the customers.

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