Reduce labor costs for fraudulent overtime

Running your business takes a lot of your focus. You do not want to spend time and energy validating the inputs and outputs, dispatches, therefore taken in a primitive way and unraveling payroll issues.

With Accurate Track Fleet Tracking, you can eliminate fraud from working time reports and high overtime costs and spend less time doing paperwork.

Our fleet tracking system gives you all the information you need to reduce fleet labor costs. You will see:

  • The actual hours of a vehicle that is running.
  • Start and end times daily.
  • The hours worked, the days worked.
  • Average daily hours and weekly totals.

¿Y porque se puede utilizar este informe como una hoja de tiempo electrónico?, porque podrás estar seguro de que los números son exactos. Más importante aún, usted será capaz de:

  • Reduce overtime fraud.
  • Eliminate time sheet fraud with real time of arrival / departure.
  • Monitor unauthorized vehicle use.
  • Quickly detect excess hours of overtime.
  • Eliminates extended stopping times.

¿And why can you use this report as an electronic time sheet?, Because you can be sure that the numbers are accurate. More importantly, you will be able to:

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