Reduce Fleet Operating Expenses

With our GPS tracking system, you can increase productivity in all areas while dramatically reducing fleet operating costs:

  • Reduce vehicle breakdowns by keeping operation to the limit of its capacity.
  • Automate the maintenance of each unit.
  • Compliance with management rules when detecting excess speed that endangers the fleet, cargo and the life of others.
  • Reduce overtime pay.
  • Reduce truck wear by increasing route efficiency.
  • Avoid hiring more staff by making your work team more efficient.
  • Potentially lower insurance costs.

Here are 3 examples of how you can reduce your operating expenses and achieve your goals through the Accurate Track GPS fleet tracking solution:

Reduce Faults
Vehicle breakdowns can lead to wasted time on the road and large repair bills. By automating maintenance alerts for your vehicles, you can avoid these losses and costs. With our system you can configure alerts to notify you every time a vehicle is driven to a certain distance or a certain amount of hours, or when it exceeds established speed limits appropriate to its capacity and load. You will also receive automatic alerts that let you know when the vehicle should need service, which protects you from unexpected repair costs.

Reduce overtime pay
Reducing overtime payments is a simple way to reduce operating costs. But it is difficult to reduce these expenses without having a fleet management system such as Accurate Track. Many companies have discovered how their drivers performed their work tasks in a few hours and how they hid the vehicles in solitary places and then arrive at the company after working hours indicated by law arguing that traffic among other reasons lengthened the day to get the payment Overtime and other benefits. Say goodbye to the payment of false overtime reported by drivers.

Potentially lower insurance premiums
You know the risks of aggressive driving: accidents and responsibilities that cost you in fines and reputation. Instead of adopting a reactive approach to driver behavior, you can use our solution to proactively manage and promote road safety. The possibility of installing telematics devices on board vehicles that communicates with our system, gives you information about the behavior of the driver, such as meeting his policy of maximum speed. That means you reduce your risk and potentially your insurance premiums!

These are just three of the many ways you can reduce fleet operating expenses with Accurate Track.


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