Reduce fuel costs

Fuel is a necessity for the operation of small and medium-sized fleets. When fuel prices rise unexpectedly, the operating costs of the fleet increase immediately.

Proper tracking of the fleet provided by AccurateTrack can increase the efficiency of fuel use in your trucks, identifying any discrepancies in your fleet. Once you know where a spill or burn exists, steps can be taken to reduce your costs. Accurate Track can help you reduce your fuel costs in several ways:

  • Reduce vehicle speed.
  • Decrease Downtime.
  • Improve routing and shipping.
  • Maintain vehicles properly.

La reducción de velocidad del vehículo
According to the Environmental Protection Organ every 5 km / h driven above the speed limit has the net effect of a cost of about 20 cents more dollars per gallon of fuel. Multiply that cost across multiple vehicles and have a huge source of cost leaks.

Most GPS vehicle tracking solutions provide accurate information on the speed of each vehicle. But the best GPS solutions also include alert features that will notify you immediately when a vehicle exceeds a set speed threshold.

The speed monitoring feature offered by Accurate Track has really helped to decrease the handling speed of the drivers and thus has contributed to the reduction of fuel costs

Decreased downtime
According to Ford Motor Company, every hour of downtime is equivalent to approximately 25 miles of driving. Contrary to popular belief, the EPA states that restarting the engine does not use more fuel than 30 seconds of idling and has very little detrimental effect on the components of the vehicle. When drivers use their vehicles as an air conditioner, it costs companies money.

Quality GPS tracking systems help reduce fuel costs by reporting when a vehicle is idling for excessive periods of time, which can waste fuel and decrease productivity.

Routing and Dispatch Enhancement
Since GPS truck tracking allows you to know the exact location of each vehicle, dispatchers can be more effectively managing routing and shipping. Dispatchers can ensure that vehicles take the most direct route to any workplace and can take any lost drivers back to the proper route.

Some GPS solutions have the ability to locate vehicles that are closer to any workplace. With this information, managers can ensure that jobs are assigned in the most efficient way possible.

With proper routing and dispatch management, vehicles do not spend so much time traveling between jobs. Travel times will be shorter, lowering fuel costs.

Caring for the life of the vehicle
Vehicles that receive regular maintenance run more efficiently and consume less fuel

A quality fleet tracking system will also allow you to ensure that your vehicles are properly maintained. Alerts can be configured for each vehicle based on calendar time, or mileage depending on the type of service you need. When a vehicle must stop for maintenance, you will be notified by email.

A proactive vehicle maintenance program can also reduce the possibility of your vehicles failing on roads, even causing serious accidents. In addition, properly maintained vehicles help save your assets by keeping the fleet on the ground and operative to do more business and also costs less money on repairs over time.

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