Security and Surveillance Fleet Increases

It is easier to say than done to maintain the safety of your two most important financial assets: your people and your vehicles. With the Accurate Track solution, you will easily know how your drivers are performing their assignments, where your trucks are, and whether your fleet is safe at all times.

To recover the calm
With fleet tracking, you can monitor the speed and location of your vehicles and drivers to improve fleet security. We can even install panic buttons for emergencies. You will have a clear picture of your entire fleet, so it is possible to:

  • Detect unsafe driving habits before they cause more serious problems
  • Quickly recover vehicles from the fleet that have been stolen
  • Reduce unauthorized use of fleet vehicles
  • Reducing speeding to reduce accident risk
  • Respond quickly to emergencies by knowing the precise location of fleet vehicles.
  • Detect speeding, improves safety and reduces liability.

Detect speeding, improves safety and reduces liabilityd
When drivers exceed the speed limit, they are putting the safety and reputation of your business at risk.

With the "Speed limits" assignment and control function of Accurate Track, you get the most complete source of speed limit information on all types of roads and geographical areas, including local and residential roads. With this valuable feature, you can increase fleet security in many ways:

  • Easily monitor speeding activity with automatic alerts that you will receive while away from your office.
  • Create and enforce the use of policies established by your company.
  • Quickly identify speed limit violations.
  • Investigate violations in detail through reports of speeding up to 12 months.

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