End unauthorized use of vehicles

Eliminate unauthorized travel
Your fleet vehicles are the core of your business and when drivers have assigned vehicles and even taken to their homes, it is there when you would like to know that they are not being misused. But how can you be sure that your drivers are not using them for side jobs or weekend getaways? Even if your drivers are allowed some private use of their vehicles, are you sure they are not abusing that privilege?

With AccurateTrack Fleet Tracking, you get all the information you need to eliminate the use of unauthorized vehicles. Imagine being able to:

  • Instantly detect movement of your vehicles during non-working hours.
  • Instantly detect when vehicles are turn on and off during weekends.
  • View and play any trip made by vehicles.
  • Confirm that only your employees are driving their vehicles.
  • Detect what time they come in and out of their parking places.

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