Vehicle Tracking

Accurate Track GPS Vehicle Tracking uses flexible devices and powerful software to track all types of vehicles!

With Accurate Track you will be able to know the location of your family vehicles, receive alerts of speed at which your children are driven, detect deviations from the routes and receive notifications of arrivals and departures from home, college, university, work and more.

Accurate Track makes tracking cars super-simple. Our software is easy to use and can help you track in a matter of minutes. Take a minute and learn more about our follow-up, including:

  • Real-time GPS tracking for vehicles of all types.
  • Monitoring and reporting of driver safety.
  • Tools to monitor vehicle maintenance, speed up and more.

View routes and driver activity:
With the intuitive Accurate Track Google Maps interface, you can get a panoramic view of the driver's locations and behavior. At a glance, you can:
- View and replicate the daily routes of each vehicle, including real-time geocaching alerts and reports of unsafe driver behavior.
- Track and improve driver safety.

Car GPS trackers significantly improve driver safety for both new and experienced drivers by monitoring safety over time by using information such as: - Instant alerts for unsafe activities such as acceleration, sudden braking or rapid acceleration.
- Alerts for speeding and more.

Real-time GPS trackers can also quickly locate a driver in case of an accident or breakdown and ensure a speedy recovery if your car is stolen.


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